Zombie Killing Knuckle Mug


The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead


Zombie Hunter Black Assisted Toxic Green Biohazard Dagger Blade Knife


Z-Hunter ZB-020 Zombie Killer Machete, Two-Tone Full Tang Blade, Green Cord-Wrapped Handle


Z-hunter Spring Assisted Knife 4.75″ Closed Bio Hazard Medallion Apocalypse Survivor Zombie Knife – Neon Green


25″ Zombie Hunter Fantasy Fixed Blade


Bio-Terror Zombie Apocalypse Massacre Death Sword


Z Hunter ZB-023 Hunting Knife, 12-Inch


Zombie Apocalypse Twin Sword Set With Sheath


USA Certified Zombie Hunter 3.5″ AK47 AR15 iron-on embroidered patch


Mashed Mugs – Teacher By Day Zombie Hunter By Night – Coffee Cup/Tea Mug


United Cutlery M48 Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk


Review on “Zombie Apocalypse”

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse is a disaster of human life. The zombies prey human and hostile to human life. They assault on civilization of the world. The victim of the Zombies becomes zombie. These are the products that are used to fight against zombies. For saving yourself form the attack of the zombies these items are dynamic in many ways. By using these items you will able to learn the self-defense against their attack. Zombies can cause physical harm to anyone. It needs to use it carefully because it can be harmful for all. It is entirely a perfect collection that completely illustrates how to get acknowledgement about the attitude, behavior and physiology of zombies. It tells you comprehensive techniques to handle them. It provides you tips to outfit outside the home for good survival.

The Description

  1. Consisting of the innovative technology it is a must have item for self defense
  2. The perfect tactic tool is durable and lightweight
  3. It offers services in different styles
  4. It delivers high-quality services.
  5. Integrating with modern specifications for offering amazing accuracy
  6. Delivering the solid control the Irons are dynamic
  7. Integrated with the versatility in the designs the hybrid is innovative
  8. It is very easy to assemble and adjust
  9. You can easily carry it while moving from one place to another
  10. It provides high functionality by raising the storage capacity of the device


  1. Zombie Killing Knuckle Mug

Enjoy the real taste of your drink in this mug. That is specially designed for offering an original zombie impact. It produces a real allure in your kitchen. It is super classy and dynamic. It is made of plastic, PFOA and lead free. It is dishwasher safe and able to adjust where space is premium. You can wash it with warm soapy water is recommended to preserve the Zombie Killing Knukle Mug’s original appearance. It can be used on gas or electric oven for heating your drink. It can be used in any conventional or convection oven. It is super conductive for even exceptional heat retention and heat distribution. It makes a great option for braised dishes and long cooking stews. This zombie mug is amazing for offering an easy cooking and cleaning process. It is formed with anti-toxic plastic.


  1. It contains the plastic that is safe for drink and food.
  2. It is a plain mug that has design of red stains and a zombie statement.
  3. It contains plastic handle to hold the cup in fingers
  4. The cool pattern makes it a wonderful choice for your office table.
  5. It never fails in offering true delight and surprise.
  6. It contains special heat sensitive coating.
  7. It is microwave safe mug.
  8. It is lightweight and easy to care

It is the product that is designed for offering real magic of zombie. Enjoy your drink in this cup.

  1. The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

It is a book of 288 pages that contains all the material related to the Zombies. It provides the complete information about the circumstances that will be created due to the Zombie attack. It will guide you how to survive against Zombies. You will find it scary as compared to funny. It is an interesting book that provides you complete information about the situations that can be created by them. It is the key to guide you about the survival against the crowds of the zombies.


  1. The book guides you about the safety of the most precious asset.
  2. It is a brief and comprehensive book that guides you how to organize before rising.
  3. It provides guidance how to tackle the situation
  4. You are guided in this book not to fear in front of Zombies
  5. Keep some tools for protection and keep short hair and tight clothes
  6. As per the book getting up the stair cases and to destroy it is good protection skill.
  7. It is a good guide that helps in saving your life.

It brings the most recent style examples to customers around the globe. It is highly wonderful book that enhances the interest of the customers.

  1. Zombie Hunter Black Assisted Toxic Green Biohazard Dagger Blade Knife

The sharp and classic Zombie blade knife is wonderful for your safety. It is wonderful item form the collection of knives comes with matching blade guards and ergonomic handles, Style-conscious hues. The color coding decreases the danger of cross-contamination during washing and care preparation. It is non-stick color coating for easy use. This knife contains two side blade with cover. It is composed of high-quality stainless steel blades. The durable steel makes it a perfect choice for long-term use. It is extremely dynamic collection of knife sets that increase your efficiency for protection.


  1. It is lightweight and compact
  2. It is very easy to use and simple to keep in the pocket.
  3. It provides complete protection due to the sharp blades.
  4. It is harmful for others so use it carefully.
  5. It contains sharp blades that are very efficient
  6. It is designed with modern technology
  7. It is durable and can be used for the long time
  8. These are integrated with innovative technology for making it easy to use
  9. These are very easy to care.
  10. It is made of strong and sturdy material

It is highly impressive, efficient and multi-functional knife that is used to keep you safe. Just hold it in your pocket and you can use it for your defense very easily.

  1. Z-Hunter ZB-020 Zombie Killer Machete, Two-Tone Full Blade, Green Cord-Wrapped Handle

The use of the instruments is very famous these days for security purpose. It is a heavy blade and light knife that comes with cover. It is very easy to use and offers a realistic Id. As per a survey it is found out that this knife is one of the most dependable product that provides complete security to its users. Due to its handy nature it is very feasible to keep it in the pocket. It is one of the efficient products that can be used in all types of surroundings. For security purpose it is manufactured to keep you safe in any harmful situation. It helps you keep protected in the street crime. The sharp blades are physically harmful for the users.

  1. It is designed with stainless steel finish that makes it highly efficient and practical.
  2. Its light color makes it easier for preventing over rusting.
  3. It is intended with green cord wrapped
  4. It is made of the stainless steel material that is highly durable for the users.
  5. Its thickness is 3.5 MM
  6. It is overall length is 23.75’’

It contains the unique configuration that makes it highly efficient. It is composed of B-grade proclaim that is light-weight and durable. It is BPA free and designed in elegant white color with contemporary grey-trim detail. The diversity of shades and colors make the collection more adorable for you. This item is formed in variety of shapes and styles including oval, square and round.

  1. Z-hunter Spring Assisted Knife 4.75’’ closed Bio Hazard Medallion Apocalypse Survivor Zombie Knife-Neon Green

It comes with style that offers high quality and responsibility. If you are looking for a stylish knife that can offer security with style then it is a perfect choice. It is the most efficient item for you. It can perform all basic functions of security with the superior quality. It provides complete protection due to the sharp blades. This folded knife is highly durable due to the strong and sturdy material. It can be used in all circumstances. The stainless steel coating saves it from getting rusty. It can be used a perfect tool for self-defense. It can be taken for longer time. It will protect you in all harmful conditions.


  • It is a perfect spring assisted knife that offers complete protection
  • The stainless blade has thickness of 3.5’’ 3mm
  • It is intended with the black finish partially separated black that contains silk printing
  • It is closed with 4.75
  • It is intended with aluminum handle with Bio Hazard Medallion
  • It is included with glass breaker, belt cutter and a pocket clip.

It is portable due to the light material. For offering easy cleaning this collection is admirable. These are obviously as per current needs of the modern users. The extraordinary shine of the stainless steel blade makes it an eye-catchy product. All the items in this collection contain mirror polish. It is highly perfect for your use due to the eco-friendly nature. It is completely safe and is great for use to protect yourself.

  1. 25’’ Zombie Hunter Fantasy Fixed Blade

It is made of stainless steel. These are durable due to permanent shine. The anti-toxic material is safe for your use. For raising the allure of your stylish knife collection this collection is admirable. It is safe but hand-washing is recommended. It is made of strong and sturdy material that makes it durable for long term use. This collection is admired due to innovative designs. It is specially designed to offer you complete protection outside the home. The idea behind designing this item is to use it as a complete self-defense. It is fixed blade knife that measures 25’’. It is intended with the features of the saw back serrations to increase the efficiency. It contains cord of bright green color that is wrapped on the handle. It is integrated with lanyard and lanyard hole. For increasing its portability it is available with black nylon sheath. It is intended with a strap.


  1. It is intended with stainless steel green cord wrapped handle and a black blade.
  2. The stainless steel blade has the measurements of 35mm.
  3. It’s overall length is 25’’.

Its light color makes it easier for preventing from getting rusty.

  1. Bio-Terror Zombie Apocalypse Massacre Death Sword

Purchasing the Zombie Apocalypse Massacre Death Sword is not a daunting task. But, the present is the age of the technology. It is a unique device among several devices for hunting. Selecting the right one for your use is the major concern because the plenty of manufacturers have made the task difficult for you. It is lightweight. The size always matters because it allows you an easy portability. It contains an innovative technology. If you are using these items for commercial purposes then these are ideal due to the modern technology. Implementing the innovative framework of protection can change the value of it rapidly. It will improve your confidence for self-defense by supporting it with an essential system. A compelling affiliation is the best technique for making the capability with the assistance of the simple and straightforward arrangement. It is easily adjustable.


  1. It is intended with faux leather
  2. This items contains black Nylon Sheath with belt loop
  3. The length of the handle is about 10 inches.
  4. The handle wrap is intended with black and green faux leather wrap
  5. The 440 stainless steel, green imprint and Black Anodize Finish is the blade material.

It is accessible at an affordable cost. It is extremely easy to sort out, simple to introduce, adaptable and equipped with modern technology. It is highly durable and compact. There are many items are included in this collection. It is hand crafted by skilled artisans.

  1. Z Hunter ZB-023 Hunting Knife, 12-Inch

The collection of the hunting knife is available in variety of designs and styles as per modern trends. These are durable and made of strong and sturdy material. The stainless steel blade is exclusive in presentation. Its overall measurement is 12 inches. It is a fixed blade survival hunting knife. It is dynamic due to the combination of the saw back and gut hook. It is highly beneficial for all types of survival conditions. The handle is about 5 inches that is wrapped in the signature zombie. It is the ultimate solution to keep users satisfied by providing them protection because it gives the best output. For delivering a real and original service these devices are perfect in the offering security. It is designed with exclusive quality. There is no match of the quality. It has unique designs and real style for the users.


  1. It is a perfect hunting knife
  2. Its overall length is 12 inches
  3. Its thickness is 4mm
  4. The stainless steel blade is black in color and offers real style
  5. It is made up of strong and sturdy material
  6. It is durable and lightweight

It is dynamic due to the unique features and innovative technology. It is very easy to purchase variety of efficient storage devices by using it.

  1. Zombie Apocalypse Twin Sword Set with Sheath

It is a heavy duty Twin Sword that is extremely efficient. It is beneficial and useful product that offers self-defense. It is a tested and tried product that ensures high quality. It is extremely handy and stylish with beautiful cutout blade. The wonderful handle offers solid grip. It is admirable due to the consistently without any hurdle. It permits the users to keep it in the pocket. It is the ultimate destination for providing you an exclusive variety in colors and designs. The mission behind designing it is to enhance your expectations by presenting great quality products and security services. It offers you a volunteer output to connect you the organizations that is close to your heart. Diversity is the fundamental feature of the product.  For conveying the diversity in the products, designs, shades and style all these things are evidence of the loyalty and true services for clients. These are the right choices for the low budget shopping.

  • It is intended with black coated sharp razors
  • It contains blades that are manufactured with stainless steel.
  • The fantasy cutouts are highly stylish with toxic green cord wrappings.
  • These are durable and made up black nylon sheath.
  • A shoulder strap helps in holding both swords.
  • It enhances the real allure of your zombie hunting experience.
  • It is sleek and slim in design.
  • These are durable and very easy to carry.

A good aspect of these devices is to keep a user free by raising the functionality of their security. It is an extreme relief for a user no doubt.

  1. USA Certified Zombie Hunter 3.5’’ AK47 AR15 iron-on embroidered patch

The zombie hunter embroidered patch is highly dynamic. It can be placed on your dresses to raise the allure of your fantasy. The super patches are made of wrinkle free fabric. It is soft to your skin. These are completely hypoallergenic material. That is why it is very good in rendering comfortable results. These embroidered patches are extremely dependable and reliable due to their efficiency and perfection of results. For making you happy this collection is highly wonderful due to machine washable material. It is designed to any standard size top. It contains and entirely straight bottom. Always wash it in warm water in a gentle cycle. These are designed in variety of colors, patterns and styles. The main objective behind designing these devices is to assist users to feel free and comfortable while working inside or outside. These are designed in the way that is extremely convenient for users and provide them a chance to be stylish and to be professional.


  1. It is a perfect USA Zombie Hunter
  2. It is an excellent embroidered patch
  3. It is highly dependable item that can be used iron on
  4. It is a second amendment.


Mashed Mugs-Teacher By Day Zombie Hunter by Night-Coffee Cup/Tea Mug

It is an innovative product that is full comfort and convenience. It is light-weight therefore it is very easy to place on the table either dining or in your office. You will find this mug very delicate. Using it will be an incredible blessing for all users. It is designed with high quality. These are presented to raise your interest in the product. These are full of entertainment and provide the complete fun of your drink. These are very efficient and extremely simple to use. It is the truth that these are designed at the epicenter of technology and innovation. Its application is quite convenient, less complicated and very easy to understand.


  1. It can be a wonderful gift to your loved ones
  2. It is made of high quality ceramic
  3. It keeps your drink warm or cold for long time
  4. It is a wonderful item for your office table or in the study room.
  5. It is lightweight and portable
  6. It is highly beautiful and adorable.
  7. It is durable and solid


United Cutlery M48 Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk

Do you need protection from Zombies? It is the ultimate strategic weapon. It is compact and lightweight. It can be carried very easily without any muscle fatigue. It delivers the perfect zombie cutting potential, slashing and blade for mammoth chopping. It’s both sharp edges are perfect for hooking attack and cutting. It offers a wonderful self-defense against any attack. It is the best tactical tool against any zombie horde.


  1. It is intended with snap-button closure nylon belt sheath
  2. Its overall length is 15 inches
  3. The length of its blade is 8 inches
  4. The material of the handle is completely solid that is based on Paracord wrapped 30% fiberglass reinforced nylon.
  5. The blade material is completely Based on the Blake Oxide Coated 2Cr13 Stainless

Product for Life

It is highly wonderful and stylish item. It is durable and can be used for the long time. This is the source of entertainment that is available to delight you. It is our mission to produce comprehensive goods at high level but at competitive price. Due to high technology it is highly efficient and multi-functional. It is full of style and fashion. It contains the modern designs that are rich in offering allure and shimmer.