Do you know the difference between you and someone without survival gear?

Whether it is a military survival gear or an outdoor survival gear, being equipped can take you a long way. That is where the other person without the gears will fail. It can also be a zombie survival gear! When you are not in the safety of your home, it is intuitive to be prepared for what may come on your way.

There were times people dreamt of some amazing survival gear that you have today. No matter why you are going to the outdoors, it is significant to be ready for the occasion. Here you will find out the must-have survival gear list which will be useful, versatile and reliable. While leaving home, always keep the worst possible scenario in mind.

We know that the right tools can save your life thus they are called “survival” but you may not be sure what to bring. A warm night outdoors can turn into a scary situation and you will have to deal with it. Those who are going outdoors should keep in mind the following so that they do not have any problems with the survival tools

    A survival kit can consist of so many items that can let you clean dirty water, make fire, signal planes and helicopters, fish, find a way through the woods and trap animals with the most important of all having the first aid basics. There are many occasions where many explorers and hikers never even opened their kit.

    Traveling light is a must because it can have an impact on your health. The experience will also not be a good one if you have to carry a heavy bag throughout the trip. When it is about packing, take as much as you can carry not something that can be a pressure for your back, shoulder, and joints.

    Remember that besides the survival tools, you are also packing other items so leave space for that such as sunscreen, sunglass, toiletry kit, journals, towels etc. Those are also essentials so you cannot just leave them out and pack Bear Grylls survival gear for safety.

    Choosing the right kind of backpack is crucial as that is where you are going to keep your items. Packing efficiently can let the backpack gulp a mouthful of survival gear. The bottom part should have the heavy items and the core zone should include dense things and the top part should have the essentials. In that way, while you are on the trail, you can easily grab any item you need.

    Since you cannot leave out electronics even though you are going in the wild, try to keep them separately protected by a rain cover

Those were some basic tips so that you can carry the best survival gear for 2017 without any worries. Let us get to the must have survival gear list

1.    SWAT Tactical Pen

tactical pen

The tactical pen is made by The Atomic Bear and can be your best friend for self-defense. It crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and is accompanied with a detachable clip. You can use this for writing as it is a smooth one whose ink does not freeze. There is a tip on the other side which is going to help you break glasses or similar materials. You have to place your thumb on the cap and it is anti-slip. Some tactical pens have a flat surface where you are supposed to keep your thumb and it causes the finger to slip.

Since you are going to be in the wild, there is no guarantee that you will be dry. It could be raining or you could be sweaty because of the heat. You have to place your thumb there when you are going to use it to protect yourself. Since it is one of the smoothest pens for writing, you can use it every day and it comes with two cartridges. Many tactical pens do not come with a pouch but this one does. You can wear it on your belt so whenever you need it, just bring it out. You can so much for a price that is less than many other with similar qualities.

It is affordable and you can get a lifetime warranty. You have to practice with it so that you can use it during emergencies. If you are not aware of its usage, it will not be helpful in trouble. It is lightweight which means there will be no trouble carrying it. Tactical pens are getting popular with each day as it has features to protect someone. The main purpose of the pen is for self-defense and not writing. Some people forget to include these on their gear list and take other gadgets instead which does not help much in the long run.

The materials used to build the SWAT tactical pen is of high-quality. You will be able to tell that when you get it in your grip. It is rated as number one product by close-combat trainers. It cannot only break through the glass but also metal and ceramic. There are places where you cannot carry weapons but you know criminals are lurking by and you can get into trouble. Practice with this and for an additional power place your thumb on the anti-slip end. There are no complications with this tool whereas many of the pens out there come with so many twists and turns, it is difficult to tell how to use them. The look of the pen is also going to match with your personality. It is not a heavy tool and you can be fully comfortable with it. It is a convenient tool to protect during uncertainties.

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2.    Wetfire Fire Starting Tinder

fire starter survival gear

Anyone can tell from the name that it can keep a fire lit during the rain. Everybody knows about the fire starters. You can carry those or a match if you are thinking of packing light. When you start a fire with the match or any other tool, the rain can turn it off. The 5-Pack Ultimate Survival Wetfire is non-toxic, light-weight burns both dry and wet and increase the time of the fire to stay lit. You can stop the fire anytime without any trouble. It is important as it can keep the fire burning more than the normal duration also it can protect you in the rain. They are not messy and perfect for the harshest weather. Not just rain, it can be used in windy weathers and the scariest storms.

Most of the time people are being scammed by advertisements and online posts. The fire-starting tinder is exactly what the description says. These are fantastic. After you purchase this, you will never go into the wilderness without them. Their weight and size make them invisible. They are less than 0.1 lb. You will not even notice that they are in your backpack. The outdoors is not dry and one can be in danger when the surrounding is wet. Having a cube on hand will save your life. It will not stop burning even if the cube is drowning in water.  A match is enough to ignite the chunk but if you are thinking of a Ferro rod (ferrocerium rod, fire steel, flint) start by a pile of shavings initially. It does not require shaving the whole thing just one-fourth will work fine. 

Some buyers were confused whether to purchase or not. The only reason is that the material looks toxic to them. You will notice on the pack; the manufacturers say it is non-toxic. The users never had any health issue or other problems during usage. It is not a poisonous material rather made from something that makes it convenient, versatile and effective. If you are a regular traveler or camper, do not forget to include them on your list. It comes second on the list of best survival gear for 2017.

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3.    Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

hiking hammock

This product is for those who are intense on being outdoors, particularly camping. Once you go on camping, you will can enjoy the wilderness from just being away from the pressures of everyday enjoying a gentle fresh wind while you sleep outdoors. One might think that how come this is a survival gear or why cannot we just sleep in tents?

First of all, using a tent means you have to sleep on the ground which might not always be safe neither comfortable. They are used though in many places but having one of this will make your stay a pleasant one and safe from the insects on the ground. Hikers, outdoor lovers, and travelers prefer a hammock more than lying on the ground in a tent.  It also gives you the opportunity to look at the stars.

Wise Owl Outfitter provides you the freedom to select among the first-class double and single hammocks. The hammocks come from parachute nylon material for supreme durability and high-level comfort. It is a sophisticated outdoor bed and spacious that weighs less than two cups of coffee! You can use it easily as hanging it is a child’s play. There are so many color combinations that you can have the hammock of your favorite color.

If you are looking for comfort, this is the best product. It is affordable but has the quality of a pricey one. It is simple to carry and fold. There is no need to purchase anything separately for its usage. It is ultra-tough because it is made from durable nylon fabric so the users do not have to stress about the sturdiness. Do not worry about your weight as it can carry more than 400 lbs. You can share it with another person and still there will be no problem.

One thing users love about this hammock is the headroom. In hammocks that cost less, the headroom is not pleasant. The Wise Owl Hammocks have perfect headroom which lets users breathe properly, put a headlight on their head and move around freely. Likewise, the headroom’s accurate lets the user sleep peacefully which is important when outdoors. 

Some individuals do not use hammocks because they take a long time and some effort to hang. Hanging this is an effortless task as the setup is straightforward. Whether it is your first time in the outdoors or you are a regular one, you should have this as it is durable and has all the colors to match your personality. For comfort, ease of usage and construction it receives a five out of five from its users thus it is the Number 3 product on the best survival gear for 2017 list.

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4.    A2S Paracord Bracelet Survival Gear Kit

paracord survival bracelet

It is truly a useful survival gear and you will see why. It is a 5-in-1 survival tool that consists of a first-class quality compass. It is also a flint fire starter with fire scrapper within the buckle that allows the user to utilize it as a knife. There is the feature of whistle and knife so that there is nothing stopping you in times of danger. It is stylish and versatile at the same time. The color choices make it a desirable product. 

The Paracord survival bracelet comes from military-grade, super strong 550 Paracord with a built-in emergency knife, compass, whistle, and fire-starter. It is going to come in handy during fishing, camping, hunting or hiking trip. The seven inner strands can be a sewing string, fishing line or fire tinder. It for both men and women. Female users love it as it fits smoothly and there is no pain whatsoever. It is a small object but does a lot that many other big items you have in your backpack. The fire starter is useful as you do not need a match or any other fire-starting kits. The best part is that you can wear it like a bracelet and there is no need to add weight to your backpack. It is going to be a navigator at times when you get lost. The whistle and the compass will aid in finding your route back. It might look like two simple bracelets or friendship charms for bracelets but it can do a lot that you can imagine. The price is also very low. Purchasing this can make you a winner at hiking, camping, and any other adventure.

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5.    Survivor Filter

survival water filter

The survivor personal water filter system cleanses water to a filtration level of 0.05 microns, the highest possible level available today. It is equipped with triple filtration which is UF Filter (Medical Grade), Mesh Filters and Carbon Filter). It is 400% better at filtration at 0.05 Microns than the famous LifeStraw which is 0.20 Microns. That is why this is the best survival gear when it is about drinking clean water and thus it is number 5 on the list. Being completely chemical free, it is also environmentally-friendly. It is the same as 1000 plastic bottle but the difference is you are carrying something that is the size and weight of a single bottle! It has a user-friendly design and you can clean and replace it easily. The weight of the filter system is less that a cup. You can take this with you on mountain biking, birdwatching, whitewater rafting, motorbike expedition, safari, tree climbing, kayaking, canoeing or any kind of adventure.

For emergency readiness for survival in both urban and rural environments, the most vital thing to consider is hydration. Drinkable and clean water is vigorous for survival, but it is not always available in emergency situations. Another problem is the weight. We pack light and we cannot imagine taking more than one or two bottles of water. Also, in the wilderness, all you see is unsafe and dirty water.

It helps in an urban environment during tornados, earthquakes, and hurricane or tornado. Fresh water will not be present in such cases and you cannot take the kitchen tap for granted.  Also, clean water supply might shut down temporarily for the harsh weather and you will need something that can provide clean water.

You can get lakes, reservoir, and ditch near you and use the Survivor Filter for drinking. When you are in the wild, you can get ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers but you cannot have that water directly. They are risky as you do not know what kind of germs, microorganisms, and infections lies there. There were individuals who did not use a cleansing system and drank straight from the water sources. They had vomiting, diarrhea, damage to organs, lack of appetite and other waterborne diseases.

It is not possible to always boil water and then drink it. Particularly in emergencies in any kind of environment. Boiling also does not kill all the germs all the time. The Survivor Filter is a breakthrough in technology that introduces a new method of making drinking water present in any situation. Some people are skeptical about drinking from the stream, river or a pond in the wind, thus, they also get severely ill because of dehydration. Both categories are in danger: one who drinks from the water source directly and those who avoid water at all cause. The best solution is having a Survivor Filter to cleanse water without any trouble.

It can kill waterborne bacteria including cholera, salmonella, and E. coli, and protozoa like Cryptosporidium and Giardia. For most streams lakes, rivers ponds in North America this is the most suitable filter system. The three-stage filtration process that not only eliminates most protozoa and bacteria, it also eradicates some viruses and most contaminants like heavy metals and chlorine because it uses an advanced carbon filter. Most individual water filters do not come with this property.

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6.    BlizeTec Survival Best 5-in-1 Knife

survival knife

It is the best tactical knife currently in the market, therefore, we have put it as number 6 on our list. It comes in a gift box so you can get it for yourself and give to someone you care about and they will love it. You can give it to a relative who likes adventures or is in the fire department or military. As soon as you open it, the knife will be under the instruction manual. It would look it is sleeping there and the manual is the blanket. It is easy to open with the click of a thumb. The blade will never rust as it is made from 420-grade stainless steel. Since it is tough, you can use it to cut any hard object like bone, wood or anything similar. It has the mechanism to keep you safe and there is no trouble with putting it back in and taking it out. It has an excellent small flashlight which can provide sufficient light during emergencies. You can keep this with you always whether you are going out in the wild or not as it has a window breaker. In case you get locked in a car, whether it is yours or someone else’s, just break through using the back of the BlizeTec tactical pocket knife. It is also a seat belt cutter or you can use that to cut any other fabric. Starting a fire with this is also straightforward and you can practice before you go out for camping or hiking. It weighs around 5 ounces and you can put it in the pouch that comes along in the box. It can be a handy tool and it has many features that other tactical knives do not have such as a flashlight or a seatbelt cutter. The pouch is made from nylon which means it is durable. It is small but can work like a big one. The best part is they have a lifetime warranty and many customers who had problems, got a new one. The company is not a scam that they will not reply to the customers’ queries and issues. You should be careful or else you can end up losing the flashlight.

When you are in the wild, you can use it for the following purposes

    Lighting fires

    Sharpening sticks

    Sewing and repairing shoes

    Cleaning grime out of fingernails

    Skinning and cutting meat for cooking

    Cutting fruits and vegetables

    Seeing in the dark when your original flashlight does not work

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7.    Ready America 70385 Deluxe Emergency Kit (4 Person Backpack)

survival kit

The deluxe emergency kit by Ready America comprises life-saving and first aid supplies that can aid people during emergencies. If you are going outdoors for three days, this is going to be best as it can sustain four people for 72 hours.  The company has a reputation for manufacturing excellent and five-star rated emergency products. It should be in your zombie survival gear as it can help you if you get trapped in your home during a zombie apocalypse.

When the company manufactured this product, they did not just think about people outdoors but also for those who can face emergencies during an earthquake or any other hazard. You should always be prepared because a hazard will not warn you and come. It does not ask for anybody’s permission.

Let us explore the details and see why it is so special

    It comes with four food bars that have 2,400 calories each and you can store them for five years.

    There are four boxes of water with the same duration of storage and they total to 4 liters.

    There were four emergency ponchos

    The emergency kit comprises four survival blankets to stay warm when you are out in the cold

    This kit has one emergency power source which is vital when you do not have electricity; it has a radio with AM and FM stations, a siren, a phone charger and a flashlight.

    The deluxe kit has 10 yards of duct tape which is not available in the other kits from this company

    There is a multi-functional pocket tool, first aid kit (107 items), four emergency light sticks, goggles and gloves

    It also has dust masks, leather gloves, whistle, 12 moistened towelettes, 3 bio-hazard bags and a backpack to keep everything.

The five-year duration of the water and food ensures that they will not start to smell or get rotten.  You can stay in touch with others when you have the power source. You do not have to get lost when you have the whistle and use the light sticks to find your way in the dark. The hygiene supplies are the most useful ones to keep yourself clean. You do not have to waste time buying separate items and they are all high-quality. If you are carrying this with you, there is no need to worry about surviving outdoors. It is one of the best survival gear. You should be careful with the water though as leaking can make everything wet. You can also add your own items to the backpack.

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8.    MSR PocketRocket Stove Kit

survival food preperation

The MSR PocketRocket Stove Kit is efficient, light, small, and compact. It is ideal for any kind of adventure such a serious hiking trip. It can go well in any kind of situations and it has a user-friendly interface. The plastic lid and pot are the chief components for keeping this entire simple and small. One of the two mugs hold the PocketRocket stove, and the other one stores two folded up sporks. There is space for your lighter or a packet of matches.

The pot can hold more than two liters of liquid or food. You can bring soup, pasta or anything and cook in the wild and enjoy the view at the same time. You can have fresh food and you also do not have to carry what you cooked at home. It is the best kit for cooking outdoors for many reasons. First of all, it is easy to use and the cooking time is reduced. The materials will not break and they are durable. The users love it for being a reliable companion on their trips.

You need to get the fuel separately and it is going to work like the pots you use at home. It is also not difficult to clean once you are done cooking and ready to pack it again. It is lightweight, convenient and compact. Those who like trekking they can use this. If you are a coffee drinker or a tea lover, it can be your best friend in preparing your favorite drink. It is perfect for those who like to cook outdoors as it can be a fun experience. Cooking outdoors can be a challenge if you do not have the proper heat source. When you are cooking in the wild, you are not in the comfort of your home. You cannot get any tool that you need immediately so ensure that you take all the necessities. It also works in any kind of weather and has a warranty of five years. The price is reasonable and it is the number one selling stove when it is about outdoor cooking.

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9.    Survival Shack Emergency Survival Shelter Tent

survival shelter

You have seen the hammock on top of the camping and survival gear list, but what do you when it starts to rain? Forget the part where it is raining, it can be a clear day but where are you going to store your items and lie down on the hammock. You cannot just leave your backpack on the ground and you also cannot take everything with you on the hammock. It costs under ten dollars but has the features that will blow your mind. Whether the day is cold or warm, it can come in handy. It will reflect almost all of body heat so that you do not feel cold in the wild. It is also windproof and waterproof so there will be no trouble during rain. If two of you are going hiking or camping, this is the best place for shelter. You can use it again and again and it is easy to setup.

What is the most important thing that you cannot imagine your life without?

The answer is the shelter.

You need your body to function properly or the whole trip is going to be a waste of time.

The shelter is roomy perfect to get two people in with a pinch. The shape and size are designed by keeping emergency on the mind. The difference between this and other kinds of shelter is that it is easy to set up, you do not need to use extra paracords. Some people compare it with a blanket but it does not wrap around you. A blanket does a fine job at protecting you from the cold but this one serves better. You can also change the size according to your wish and it can also fit a child if you have hung it that way. The tent is durable and you will understand how strong it is when you touch it. It is light and you can carry in your backpack without any trouble.

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10.    MECO Solar Powered Flashlight

survival flashlight

When you do not know what is out there, it is best to prepare for the worst. The hand cracking rechargeable with a quick snap click and the flashlight is the best out there for hikers, adventure seekers, and campers. There is no need to worry if you have extra batteries for you or not. They are rechargeable and you can store them to use for a long duration. It can deliver enough light with only five minutes of cranking. You can get your money back in 40 days. It has a clip so you do not have to but it inside your backpack but hang it for convenience. It is better than carrying a big flashlight. You do not need extra batteries and the power source is solar.  The best part is that it can function well in the rain or snow. The light is strong enough to give you the ability to see short distances. If your original flashlight is not working, it can come in handy. You might not expect too much from this small and reasonably-priced flashlight but it will shock you with its performance. It gets five stars from the users.

It also made places in lists like “Top 5 Flashlight to Use During Emergencies” or the “The 5 Best Flashlight to Keep on Hand” and so on. The look and feel of the product are amazing. It has an army green color which can help in camouflage. The material is well-built and comes with a carabiner clip. It is sturdy and well-built.

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11.    iRonsnow Emergency Solar Hand Crank Weather Radio

emergency weather radio

The device can keep you in touch with others not just because it is a radio but also has a phone charger. You can use it when you go hiking, camping, trekking etc. You can tune it easily and if you are interested in listening to music, you can do that as well. The flashlight is much bigger than the ones on other items of similar price. It is one of the best survival tool rated by the users. It is solid, light and easy to use. The look of the device is also appealing which makes it a must-have. The flashlight is bright and can help you navigate in the darkest night. You can listen to the news if you are hiking in an area where a hurricane can happen anytime. You can charge it using the solar panel on top or by cranking. The volume can be loud and you can turn it easily. It is perfect for both emergencies and entertainment. The users love the fact that it can charge the phone quickly and the cranking part is smooth. The LED flashlight helps a lot when you are outdoors. Use this when you know that the storm is coming. If you look back at the tragedies such as hurricanes Irene and Sandy, people were unable to use their mobile phone or any other form of technology. Besides, when you are out in the wild, you cannot rely on something that requires electricity to work. Your laptop and phones become useless. One thing you can count upon is a radio. It has many advantages and out of all the emergency radios, it is the most favorite.

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12.    Wealers Emergency Rain Poncho

hiking poncho

You never know when it is going to rain and you cannot let the weather ruin your camping or hiking trip. It is for picnics, trailblazing and any sort of outdoor activities. Store it in your backpack for preparedness during rain. You will get full coverage and be dirt free. If you are going on an adventure during the rainy reason or the forecast says there is a chance of a shower, do not forget to take this along. The price will surprise you. You can get five of them at under $10. They have an ergonomic design and fully waterproof. They are made from high-quality PE plastic materials which make them tough. It is for both male and female and the size is for all. It is 0.025 mm thick and there is no drawstring. They are lightweight so you can take them with you easily. 


    Check that your gears are all working properly before you leave the house and if you have used a gear plenty of times, make sure it works fine

    Always purchase the best when it is about survival gears. That is why we have the list for you which can aid you in determining which is going to deliver first-class performance

    Research more about the items and see if you need them or not. For example, you might need more ponchos if more than five of you are going. Therefore, find out the quantity, color, usage and other details about each product.

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